Why You Need Technology to Scale Your Business

Posted by Mike McGowan on 9/3/19 5:00 AM
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Scaling a business needs both technology and humans to ensure success. Are you thinking of scaling your business without considering the involvement of technology? If yes, you’ll probably need all the luck in the world. 

Growth never happens accidentally, even if you’re already in an excellent position. You may have a large customer base patronizing your products, a team that’s willing to take challenges, and a huge market willing to support you. Nonetheless, none of that matters if you can’t replicate the same results when your customer base has exploded. Are you really ready to scale? What happens if the increase in demand for your products dies down? What happens if you don’t have the financial means to carry on through hard times or if your vendors aren’t able to keep up?

Smart businesses scale marketing automation by formulating long-term goals and carefully executing the proper tools in achieving them. You cannot hire more people to handle every problem - especially if you want to earn profit. Scaling your business means leveraging technology to perform more with less.

Now, if you think you’re prepared to scale and want to know how, here are useful tips on how to choose the ideal tech tools for you:


Re-examine your user-friendliness:



Use technology to expand your client base by making your brand more attractive to a bigger demographic. It does not matter whether you provide plumbing services, teach executives to meditate or sell organic smoothies. Take note that in every industry, the businesses that produce the most user-friendly services or products gain the most customers.

Don't assume that you’re offering a pleasant user experience, just because your existing customers love your product or service. You have to implement usability testing to discover possible issues and fix them before you make significant investments for expansion.


Upgrade Your Marketing Tactics

Marketing automation requires more than adding your emails to a scheduling tool. To scale effectively, you should invest in marketing tools that allow you to analyze, track, and implement better campaigns. For example, Rival IQ analyzes social media accounts within your niche and shows you how you fare against your competitors. If other businesses are attracting more followers because of their great content, this tool will inform you. On the other hand, SEMRush’s Keyword Magic tool allows you to maximize your content whether you are venturing into uncharted territory or you’re evaluating the effectiveness of your current SEO tactics.

Aside from these two, there are plenty of amazing martech products available in the market. Analytics, lead scoring, social media management, email marketing -- if it’s a marketing task, someone has the technology to make it easier. Make use of these resources to further grow your company at the rate and direction you desire.


Prioritize employee on-boarding

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On-boarding can take a long time. The longer your employees spend in training, the more costs your business. It may not matter much when you have a small staff, but scale your company to 40, and suddenly, you have a training and on-boarding cost crisis to face. It is wise to use technology to streamline your new hire on-boarding process. Your existing staff is very valuable, and they don’t need to waste their time assisting newbies. Investing in smarter tools not only make companies train new staff faster, but they also enable you to hire employees who can catch up quicker. Choose the tools that are right for your company's goals, size, and industry to reduce training time and give your growing staff a great start.

Modern technology can handle almost any task that human beings can. Use tech to handle the easy tasks, so you can spend your time on the strategies that will make your scaling goals a reality.

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