Speed to Lead: How Lead Response Time is Crucial to Closing Deals

Posted by Mike McGowan on 6/6/19 7:37 AM
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Speed to lead refers to how much time a representative takes to respond to a potential customer. In a more familiar term, it's called lead response time.

One campaign can spark a page visitor’s interest. It drives a person to converse and learn more about your business. Giving contact details online is a natural exchange for getting the needed information. It increases your potential for sales but it can decrease rapidly depending on the speed of your response.. Reaching out and learning more about the person's concerns initiates the sales process. Time may become a hurdle and cause you an opportunity.

A study shows how fast interested leads become unavailable in a matter of minutes:


Lead’s waiting time

Available Leads

5 minutes

100 % - All leads were contacted

10 minutes

20% - 4 times less

30 minutes

4.5% - 21 times less

If you let them wait, it becomes too late.


Advantages of Immediate Response



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Your first impression to clients says a lot about the quality of your service Good partnerships begin with clear communication. Showing your availability on the time of an inquiry builds incredible rapport. It proves that you are ready for business.

On-demand services and same-day deliveries show how fast-paced the world is. Respecting people’s availability and urgency adds value to your service. Prioritizing your customers’ convenience may seem arduous but it makes them stay.

Potential customers are available. They’re letting you know that they‘re ready and interested, right now. They’re in front of their devices, looking at your services. Grab that opportunity when you have their full attention and intention to learn more.

The first shot becomes yours to take. “The first time they hear about a feature or a benefit, it's unique and impressive. You want that to be coming from you. The third or fourth time they hear it, it's old hat - and that makes it harder to stand out.” - Leif Peters, Senior Account Executive, IntelliChief


3 Steps to Boost Your Speed to Lead



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The first five minutes serve as a golden window for a digital handshake. Establish rapport and put your company ahead of the competition. Respectable companies respond to their leads with impressive speed. Here are three steps on how you can improve yours:


Know Your Current Speed

This could be a good point to observe during a mystery buyer task. Get data from your team's performance scores. View your client's history to see if they had an immediate response from the start. What's more important, is to have a precise record of how fast your team responds. It reflects how much you should work on.


Get Notified

The key to know whenever a lead hits the submit button, is being prompted. Receive a notification, a call, or a message right away. This gives you the power to respond in an instant. Connect to contact the lead or transfer the lead to another representative. You can take a swift scan on the details provided before starting a conversation.

Automate your distribution 

Considering the best lead distribution method for your business is vital. It controls who among your team will be receiving the next inquiry. It affects the whole sales process, team productivity, and customer experience. Maximize your method's potential by making it an automatic system.

Trace which campaigns attracted your leads. View detailed reports about the conversation. Customize the distribution features to what fits your needs. Accomplish more without the unnecessary stress.   


One Lead Management System That Does It All

The significance of a timely response impacts the whole sales process. Capturing Your Target Market is pointless if the target market feels neglected. Interested buyers wouldn't reach the decision process without someone to talk to.  

Businesses plan out suitable quality services to avoid this waste. Grow a healthy business and keep clients happy with one efficient system.  Lucrativ Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform amplifies your speed and performance.  From online viewers to constant customers, Lucrativ CRM delivers tasks with evident results. It provides specific features for different fields in business. Generic solutions miss out in supporting definite concerns. Talk to us and request a demo today.


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