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There are a lot of blogs out there, but then there are THE blogs that are really worthy of your time. In our white paper, “The Sales and Marketing Checklist: What You Can Should Do Every Day to Close More Deals,” we talked about investing at least 10-15 minutes of your time after work to learn something new in your field. This is important for your professional growth.

Are you ready to sharpen your sales skills? Read on.

  1. Jill Konrath

    Sales Acceleration Thought Leaders JillKonrath

Bestselling author and speaker Jill Konrath is all about fresh sales strategies, and even her way of writing is refreshing. While dishing out advice on customer acquisitions and closing deals, she manages to inject some very witty and engaging personal anecdotes. Jill’s personality shines through in her writing, and we think this is why her clients—the likes of IBM, GE, and Microsoft—love her.

Jill swears by these sales philosophies:

  • Sellers need to create value with each interaction.
  • Sellers need to become agile learners.
  • Sellers need to be business improvement specialists.

Learn more from Jill by following her blog.

  1. John Barrows

    Sales Acceleration Thought Leaders John Barrows

John’s blog is called “The Make it Happen Blog,” and that’s exactly what he does: he makes things happen. John specializes in sales training for teams and individuals. Some of his clients include Salesforce, Dropbox, and Google. He is also LinkedIn’s Top Voice in Sales for 2018, and he has more than 320,000 followers in the social platform.

John has “12 Guidelines to Success,” among them: getting 1% better every day, confidence overcomes most shortcomings (except an ego), and working smart and hard. Read the rest of his guidelines here and follow John on his blog or LinkedIn. Check out his website - you can also join his Make It Happen Mondays community on Facebook or catch the audio on the Make It Happen podcast.

  1. Tony Hughes

    Sales Acceleration Thought Leaders Tony Hughes

His bio reads: “Tony Hughes is a keynote speaker, bestselling author, and most read person in LinkedIn on B2B selling and sales leadership.” And it’s true: Tony has 308,432 followers in the professional networking platform. He’s also a sales improvement consultant, bestselling author, and award-winning blogger. Oh, and he was twice awarded in 2017 as the “#1 Sales Blogger” (globally) and in 2018, LinkedIn ranked him “#3 Sales Thought Leader” (globally).

Tony speaks and writes about leadership, customer experience (CX), B2B strategic selling, modernized social selling, and sales technologies—and he has more than 30 years of elite experience to draw from. Read all of Tony’s sales insight here.

  1. Mark Hunter

    Sales Acceleration Thought Leaders Mark Hunter

His name really suits him: Mark Hunter is a great sales hunter—it’s the name of his company too, by the way—and he’s been doing sales hunting for more than 15 years and counting. The author of the books High-Profit Selling: Win the Sale Without Compromising on Price and High-Profit Prospecting, he travels around the world as a keynote speaker and he also holds video streaming programs. He is also one of LinkedIn’s Top 10 Voices in Sales for 2018.

Mark’s blog houses all his insightful tips, but we especially enjoy his thoughts on prospecting and closing deals at full price. Here’s a sample.

  1. Tifanni Bova

    Sales Acceleration Thought Leader Tiffani Bova

We enjoy Tiffani Bova’s “blog” because it’s a break from the usual: it’s podcasts. She is the host of the "What's Next!" Podcast on iTunes—ranked one of the Top 100 Business, Marketing, and Management Podcasts.

Her first book, Growth IQ: Get Smarter About the Choices That will Make or Break Your Business, was named a Wall Street Journal Bestseller and one of 800-CEO-READ's top 5 strategy and leadership books of 2018, and the #1 Salesforce, Dreamforce Bookstore seller in 2018. And she’s been awarded with these honors (just to name a few): one of Inc. Magazine's 37 Sales Experts You Need to Follow on Twitter, a LinkedIn Top Sales Expert to follow in 2019, a Top 100 Women in Tech, a Brand Quarterly Magazine Top 50 Marketing Thought Leader, and one of the most Powerful and Influential Women in California according to the National Diversity Council

You may subscribe to her iTunes here or follow her on LinkedIn.

Special mention: Sales Hacker

Sales Acceleration B2B Blog Sales Hacker

If you’re too busy and can’t keep up with all these thought leaders, this B2B sales blog has the latest B2B sales tips, tactics, strategies and technology from a comprehensive list of industry thought leaders. Consider it a sales digest.

They also have webinars and podcasts; they mount conferences; and they offer training, too. So consider it a sales digest and learning institution. Signing up to their newsletter is a no-brainer.

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