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Posted by Mike McGowan on 9/26/19 8:51 AM
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As all enterprises are involved in sales, technology has been propagating like crazy.

Technology has transformed industries through sales acceleration. This is the category which encompasses a long list of tech tools— everything that increases sales. Sales acceleration tools are found somewhere between marketing and CRM technology. While CRM processes customer information and marketing automation software enables organizations to fast-track their marketing programs, sales acceleration speeds up the selling process— from shorter sales cycles to higher ticket transactions. Sales acceleration continues to grow as they are proven to be very effective in fostering growth. Numerous case studies show that these kinds of tech work in bringing substantial products and services to consumers faster. Do you want to achieve proper acceleration and increase revenue using this technology? Read on to learn helpful tips.


Three Astounding Steps in Using Sales Acceleration Tools


sales acceleration tools



1. Optimizing sales and marketing data


It is essential to have data that is structured, organized and integrated across the business. Therefore, you must master the data so the information influencing your top business decisions is timely and accurate. You are going to have a lot of data. There’s the first party information that you generate, whether it be via the CRM or the support systems or your website. Furthermore, there are third-party data you’ll want to use in completing and refining your first-party data. This will be the foundation for engaging your prospective buyers with the appropriate context.


Unorganized data can also be useful. They can be content, PR, social data, and industry news. These are usually the prime signals that there’s a great opportunity to interact with a prospective customer, especially when that information is supplemented with your first and third party “real-time” data. The combination of your first and third-party data, both structured and unstructured, is your ultimate differentiator. This information and its application gives you a competitive edge.



sales acceleration tools




2. Gaining insights from this data

This is where analytics play a critical role. Whether you have an internal or external analytics department or a combination of both, this is the point where you start determining the meaning of data and identify the actions your team should be executing.

You can use all of these distinct data points together and use the corresponding insights to trigger the sales agent to call at the precise moment with the proper context to take your sales to a higher level.


3. Ensure your team is ready to operationalize the intelligence and data effectively

This is the point where you gauge user experience. You have to improve the experience of your sales agent by smoothly supplying the relevant insights and data within their daily operations, such as their CRM platform, so they can act on the information easily.


Proper Use of Sales Acceleration Technology


sales acceleration tools


These tech products were made to encourage growth and automate certain processes to help sales agents save time. They refine data and give it context so that agents can quickly advance a prospect to a productive relationship with the effective use of information and analytics. You should teach agents to use them properly. By doing so, you can reach the full potential in attaining revenue using these amazing tools. Remember to keep developing your sales force by training for best practices, on-boarding new skills, and fostering critical thinking.

In a competitive industry such as sales, you need to equip you people with the right tools to put them at an advantage. In order to turn leads into clients, you need to have an comprehensive sales acceleration platform that automates your sales process, seamlessly. Not many sales acceleration tools can give you the guarantee of effortless sales. Talk to Lucrativ to know more!

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